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Snorkel Trips

You would like to experience the colorful fish and the magnificent corals of the Red Sea the easiest way? Then join one of our snorkel trips, in the warm tropical waters of the Red Sea right in to the Wadi Gimal National Park. We have a large number of snorkeling sites and we offer daily snorkeling trips for the non-divers. Our reefs at Wadi Gimal National Park offer a huge variety of life that can also be observed by snorkeling. For sure, here you will find not more than one boat at the site.
We invite all guests to come to the Dive Center for information about snorkeling at our great house reef, with all safe entrance and exit points.

We Offer you:

House Reef Shuttle Service

On request our zodiacs are available to drop you at the northern point of the reef from where you can snorkel back to the hotel or the diving center with the current.

  • 6 Persons
  • Start time : on request
  • Price : € 5 per person

Snorkeling with Dive boat

If your partner is a diver and you would like to join them on the boat or
if you just want to go out for snorkeling you may do so with our daily dive boat.
However this is subject to availability of space on the boat.

  • Start time: 08:00 am
  • return : circa 15:00 – 17:00
  • Price : partner or family member € 26
  • Individual snorkel € 41
  • Kids from 1 – 3 years free, from 4 – 12 years half price


Half Day with Speed Boat at Wadi Gimal National Park

 With our speed boat you will visit 2 different reefs for snorkeling.
Our experiences guide will show you the reef and with a bit of luck you might see beside
all the colorful fishes as well turtles or big stingrays.

 4 Persons for Zodiac, mini. 12 persons for boat

  • Start time : 08:30 am
  • return : circa 12:00 – 13:00
  • Price : € 40 per person by Zodiac, € 45 per person by boat
  • Kids from 1 – 3 years are not allowed, from 4 – 12 years half price

Wadi Gimal Island – Full Day Trip in to the Wadi Gimal National Park

By boat you will visit 3 different reefs inside the Wadi Gimal National Park. Our experienced guide will show you the most interesting areas and with a bit of luck you might meet a turtle, moray eels, a ray or even dolphins??? In between the snorkeling we have a break in a quiet lagoon and our crew serves you a fresh cook lunch prepared for you by our chef.

  • 12 Persons
  • Start time : 08:30 am
  • return : ca 15:00 – 17:00
  • Price : € 65 per person included lunch/drinks
  • Kids from 1 – 3 years free, from 4 – 12 years half price

 Full day Trip to the famous Dolphin House – Shaab Samadai

This trip to the protected Dolphin House takes about 2,5h by boat. The amount of visitors per day is strongly limited and regulated through the selling of entrance fees. Only special trained and certified guides are allowed to lead these trips. The reef is shaped like a huge horse-shoe and the lagoon inside is home and rest place to a big group of Spinner Dolphins. For snorkelers it is mandatory to wear life jackets – they will be supplied through the Dive Center! Our chefs offer you a fresh local breakfast and lunch on board. Soft drinks, water, tea and Nescafe are as well available.

  • Mini. 10 Persons
  • Start time : 07:00 am
  • return : ca 16:00 – 17:00 pm
  • Price : € 80 per person included lunch, breakfast, drinks, live jacket and entrance fees
  • Kids from 1 – 3are here not allowed, From 4 – 12 years € 50

Attention, in case of cancellation the fine of € 20 for entrance is charged!

Sharm El Luli – Half Day Trip

By bus ca. 15 min. To the south we arrive to Ras Hornkorab as well called Sharm El Luli. White sand, a sea with thousands shades of turquoise and a beautiful coral reef invitesfor an amazing snorkeling experience.

  • Minimum: 8 persons
  • duration: 8.00 – 12.30
  • price: 35 € incl. water
  • Kids from 1 – 3 years free, from 4 – 12 years half price

***NEW*** Marsa Fokery - Half day Trip ***NEW***

By bus approx. 10 mins heading north we reach Marsa el Fokery, also called Marsa Sharm. This place was long closed for any activities. Here, in addition to the two beautiful and fish rich north and south sides of the reef, there is also a seagrass meadow in the middle where you can observe turtles and various rays. With a little luck, sometimes a dugong will look by. 

  • Minimum: 6 persons
  • duration: 8.00 – 12.30
  • price: 30 € incl. water
  • Kids from 1 – 3 years free, from 4 – 12 years half price

Wreck Abu Ghousun

In ca. 20 min. by bus to the south you will reach this beautiful wild location. Our guides show you the colorful reef and the wreck of Hamada, a 65 m long cargo ship, which sank in 1993. Don’t miss the chance to visit one of the few wrecks, you are able to explore as snorkeler as well. In between the snorkeling you may have a break and enjoy the taste of gabana, the traditional Bedouin coffee, or have a look at the Ababda handicrafts.

  • Minimum: 6 persons
  • duration: 8.00 am – 12.00-13.00 pm
  • price 35 € incl. water
  • Kids from 1 – 3 years free, from 4 – 12 years half price

Night Snorkeling

At night, all cats are grey … and what about the fish? Let’s discover what is under water when the stars come out and it becomes dark. After a short briefing, our guide will take you to a fascinating discovery travel where you can experience the coral polyps in action, sleeping parrot fish, shrimps, feather stars, sea urchins, and crabs which you will never see at day light

  • Minimum 4 persons
  • Duration: 1 h
  • Price: 20 €, incl. torch

Snorkel Course

Are you still splashing around in the water or are you snorkeling already?
We provide snorkeling courses all year round, in which you can learn appropriate and relaxed snorkeling with one of our instructors. Snorkeling is an exciting leisure activity suitable for all ages.
White beach, turquoise blue water and colorful fish make even more fun after this course

  • Requirement: min. 8 years and swimmer
  • Duration: 2-3 h
  • Price: 45 €

 All our snorkel trips depending on weather conditions!
The minimum amount of persons can be variable with in the season!